October 12, 2017



Our unused fashion items is not really our trash, girls! Yup!Big and crazy things dateng lagi dari dunia fashion. Kali ini high-end brand asal Pennsylvania, American Eagle ngeluncurin new capsule collection with apparel company, Atelier & Repairs! In their hand, excess fabric would have been wasted in the trash bisa jadi new collection yang super cool banget. So proud to this new inovation!



Dilansir dari Moneyish, co-founder of Atelier & Repairs, Maurizio Donadi bilang kalo clothing industry is the second biggest polluter in the world dan nyumbang sekitar 10 persen emisi karbon di dunia. Tapi, lewat cara ini Donadi bener-bener jadi ‘jalan keluar’ buat masalah terbesar in clothing industry.

It means they are not producing new items anymore! Karena materials yang dipake berupa the old season collection, produk-produk yang reject, used materials alias baju bekas, and also excess fabrics.

Well, bisa dibilang trash is can be our next treasure lewat new collab trend dari mereka yang bisa dibilang heroik banget. Karena, for your information, lots of castoff clothes and cutting room scraps yang dibuang begitu aja in landfills ternyata juga jadi salah satu penyebab global warming lho.

For example, menurut Donadi, there are almost two thousand pairs of Chino yang reject dan nggak kepake ‘terlantar’ begitu aja in a garage company’s. And magically, American Eagle rewash and patch them jadi produk-produk yang berkualitas and has product value lagi. Such a work of love!

Koleksi American Eagle X Atelier & Repairs yang dijual dengan range harga sekitar $ 48 sampai $ 128 ini bisa dibilang cukup lengkap. Look out the upcycled denim ripped pants, jackets, sweatshirts, and army shirts below! With hand-stitched, recycled embroidery and floral, camo and poplin fabrics ini selain keep us stay cool with the collection, we safe our beloved earth too in the same time. Right?!




So, dengan begitu Donadi ngerilis Atelier & Repairs Brand-2-Brand Excess Reduction Initiative two years ago to reintroduce apparel that already exists dan tentunya ngubah bahan-bahan sisa dari produksi garmen ini into long-lasting goods!

Well.. kolaborasi dari American Eagle X Atelier & Repairs ini surely can help the clothing industry and also leave the world a little bit better! Extra 4 thumbs up!



Written by Suci Rezeki Aulia
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