August 12, 2017



One of the biggest name in We The Fest 2017 day one performer is Charli XCX. Everybody loves her, mulai dari lagunya Boom Clap sampe Fancy yang duet bareng Iggy Azalea. Dalam penampilannya di We The Fest kemarin, Charli did said that fans in Indonesia is absolutely the most crowd-cheering fans!



Bulan Maret kemaren, Charli baru aja ngerilis mixtape-nya ‘Number 1 Angel’ sebelum dia ngerilis album ketiganya karena dia pengen ngerilis banyak lagu yang sama sekali nggak terhubung sama album ketiganya. She’s also stated that she will not release her album until the middle of 2018. Do you know that she wants to have a nail bar for a carreer if she doesn’t make it to be a musician? She also likes to play hockey and really competitive at those games and recently, she’s into taking photos (tho she admitted herself she’s not really good yet). Charli juga bilang kalo dirinya half indian. What else she’s talking about? Find out more in our special talks before her shows in We The Fest 2017!


Hello Charli! Ini pertama kalinya kamu dateng ke Indonesia buat konser nggak sih? How nerve wracking is that?

Hello Gogirl! Well, sebelumnya aku pernah dateng ke Indonesia buat nge-DJ. It was good and I actually have a good time. Tapi buat nampil secara live dan konser di sini, ini baru yang pertama kalinya and I’m excited about that. Kalo dibilang nerve-wracking, it’s quite nerve-wracking karena ini aku baru banget mendarat dari LA, dan cukup capek juga, masih kena jet lag. But I think it’s really cool to do a live show. It’s really good to be back in here.


Charli, do enlighten us about your new music video, Boys

Well, Boys is a song that basically all about crush on boys and dating and things. Aku dapet kesempatan buat bikin video klip ini barengan sama banyak seleb cowok kayak Ezra Koenig, Mac DeMarco, Brendon Urie, Mark Ronson, Riz Ahmed, Stormzy, Joe Jonas sama Diplo. Videonya sendiri butuh tiga bulan buat shooting, dan banyak banget hal keren selama proses shooting-nya. This is my favourite video I’ve ever made karena selain banyak cowok keren yang ada di dalam video ini, it’s the first video that I shoot myself. I even make a slight appearance hehe.


How did you have idea for the Boys video? Is there any particular reason why you choose them all?

I think the idea is making those boys do all the sexy things girls do in the video. But honestly, aku berusaha buat ngumpulin cowok-cowok keren sebanyak yang aku bisa buat ngebantuin aku di dalam video ini. Most of them are my good friends, and I just kinda like annoyed them until they said yes to help me join in the video. But that’s worth it. And um really no boys were harmed during the making of the video.


Karena banyaknya cowok di dalam video klip ini, who is your favourite boy in the video?

My favourite boy in the video? Umm… interesting… But let’s just say there’s enough for one everyday at the week hehe.




Thinking about collaborating with Korean artists?

Oh I would love to collaborate with them. BTS is really cool dan aku pengen sih kolaborasi sama mereka. Jay Park is also in my video so I can’t wait to have a collaboration with them. Sebelumnya aku juga udah pernah kerja bareng sama Kyary Pamyu Pamyu dari Jepang, so I’m kinda excited to explore any other asian artists.


Other artists you love to collaborate with?

Other musician I love in the industry is Camilla Cabello. We did one song and that was really awesome. She’s such a talented artist. Selain itu, buat kolaborasi, semua kolaborasi buatku itu dream collaboration sih, yang penting tuh aku bisa kolaborasi sama orang yang bener-bener tulus and most of them are my friends hehe.


You writes most of your songs by yourself. Is it any different, writing songs when you are younger compared to now?

Beda banget! I mean, you know as you get older, makin banyak pengalaman dan masalah hidup yang bisa kita tuliskan dan kita ceritakan jadi sebuah lagu and when you grow up, you’ll have a lot of things to write about. Buatku sebagai seorang penulis lagi, menurutku the more you write the better you get karena nulis lagu itu kan kayak otot yang harus dilatih terus menerus.


What’s next to you, Charli?

I’m gonna stay in Asia for a while, probably go to Bali, Korea and Japan. Album ketiga aku juga lagi on progress, but it isn’t gonna come out until next year because people keep leaking it and I have to write everything all over again.



Written by Ni Wayan Desy
Photo Source:
Arief Haryono
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