October 12, 2017



Nggak kerasa udah empat tahun yang lalu kita pertama kali nonton cerita kakak-beradik Elsa dan Anna, and our most favorite snowman ever, Olaf, di film Frozen. We still hear the song Let it Go by Idina Menzel or Demi Lovato, tapi bukan cuma itu trace yang ditinggalin sama musical animation dengan latar belakang kerajaan es karya Disney ini. Frozen has not melting yet!



In a collaboration with Disney, Mally Beauty, ngebuat limited edition makeup inspired by the famous Frozen siblings, Elsa and Anna. According to Allure, kita emang baru dikasih teaser gambar dari akun Instagram Mally Beauty, but we also get the information that the make-up will come in two capsule series, one is of course Elsa, and the other one is Anna.

The mother of three, Mally Roncal, dapet inspirasi untuk collab dan buat makeup dengan tema Frozen setelah nonton sama anak-anaknya. According to Refinery29, Mally pengen setiap jenis makeup yang ada di dalam capsule itu bener-bener ngewakilin masing-masing karakter Anna dan Elsa.




“Elsa is polished, and elegant, yet tough, strong, and powerful. Anna is free spirit, optimistic, energetic, and playful,” said Mally in a press release. Mally also said that we as women have many different sides to our personalities, dengan pilihan makeup dari karakter Anna dan karakter Elsa, Mally berharap kalo makeup yang nanti dia buat bisa relate sama masing-masing karakter kita!

As far as we know, kotak dari masing-masing makeup capsule Anna sama Elsa comes in two different colors. Icy blue for Elsa, and ruby purple for Anna. Walaupun baru bisa ngeliat bayangan kotaknya, siap-siap nunggu isi dari makeup capsule ini, yang maybe according to Allure quoting the press release, will contains “highly pigmented, color-rich makeup, including eyeshadows, eyeliners, mascaras, lipglosses and blushes.”

Get ready for the Frozen cool-toned themed color, or maybe holographic makeup palette! The makeup capsules will be available in the website of QVC.



Written by Analuna Manullang
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