October 18, 2017



According to the famous singer and dancer, Jennifer Lopez, women should never go without earrings, passing on wearing them then we’d missed an opportunity. Maka itu, sebagai aksesoris yang a must for us to dress up, Gogirl! punya rekomendari 7 online shop jualan anting that we should take a peek on Instagram. Pst, hold on to our wallet cause all of these earrings are cute!



1. @wear.adora




Looking for classy, high-end looking earrings with affordable price? Kita musti cek Instagram wear.adora! From earrings with pom-poms and tassels to fancy looking gold or silver earrings with stone accent or feathers, wear.adora nyediain semuanya!


2. @serbapompom




If we like pom-poms and tassels, akun IG jualan anting yang ini musti banget di-follow, nih! Based in Bekasi, anting-anting pom-pom yang dijual adalah pom-pom bulu, bukan wol biasa! Dari warna-warna simple kayak coklat sampe yang ngejreng kayak pink bisa kita temuin di sini! Followed by around 4000 people, Gogirl! rekomendasiin banget untuk follow IG ini!


3. Ocluise.id




Buat kita yang suka statement earrings handmade, ocluise.id bisa jadi pilihan buat belanja, nih! Dari mulai anting berbandul tassel, bentuk siluet hantu Casper, berbandul tanda seru dan tanda tanya, bandul bentuk donat, all other cute things! Selain bisa langsung dilihat dari akun IG-nya, ocluise.id is also available at Berrybenka and 8wood!


4. @copadeflores




If we like something ethnic, Copa de Flores bisa kita lihat-lihat, nih! Kain Flores yang cantik-cantik disulap jadi bandulan anting-anting cantik! With the bio “Be inspired through style and culture”, Copa de Flores bener-bener ngangkat budaya Flores to a whole new lever with their earrings designs!


5. @___rumme




Buat yang suka anting simple dengan bentuk yang unik-unik, _rumme is a must to follow! Anting-anting di _rumme is a gold and silver kind of earrings in different shape and style, some of them are very tiny and simple looking, but some of them are very big and weirdly-cool kind of way! We can look both expensive and also quirky wearing their earrings! Do check their IG account, guys!


6. @pixandstacy




With their bio saying “a little piece of joy that will brighten up your days”, desain dari masing-masing dari anting yang ada di Pix and Stacy emang bener-bener will brighten up our days! Full of color and fun shapes, anting-anting dari Pix and Stacy screams summer, colorful, and fun banget deh! So, if we happen to have a fun personalitfy, earrings from Pix and Stacy should fit us perfectly!


7. @basic.shape




Sama kayak namanya, Basic Shape ngejual anting-anting dan aksesoris yang berbentuk basic but classy! Anting silver ataupun gold dari bentuk panjang, garis melengkung, kotak, you can find all here! Mau keliatan simple tapi tetep menarik perhatian banyak orang? Anting-anting dari Basic Shape bisa banget jadi pilihan!



Written by Analuna Manullang
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